Dana's Corner

For over 25 years, Dana Fatigante dedicated herself to creating the premier stunt breakdown service in the world; Stunt Contact. Her ability to provide crucial information in a timely fashion led to the growth and success of countless Stunt Performers and Stunt Coordinators. Many careers were catapulted by using her valuable service, including top level names well recognized in the business.

What drove her was her genuine desire for her clients to succeed in their goals. Everyone was treated with respect, whether an A list Coordinator or a young Stuntie just starting out. It was her wish that everyone who used her breakdown service would rise to their highest potential. That is why Stunt Contact today is universally recognized as the absolute gold standard in the Stunt Breakdown Service.

After her untimely passing in 2020, her son kept her business closed until he found the right match to continue her legacy of excellence.

We are pleased to announce the reopening of Stunt Contact; bigger, better & coming weekly! I know Dana would be proud.

We will be keeping a page dedicated to Dana and her legacy in the Stunt World. We encourage those who would like to leave their comments or personal stories about Dana and Stunt Contact. 

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I can’t remember a time

I can’t remember a time without Stunt Contact & Dana. Staple in the community. Welcome back!


Calling Dana to list

Calling Dana to list a show I was involved in was always such a pleasure. It felt like catching up with an old friend every time.


Getting and using the Stunt

Getting and using the Stunt Contact helped me further my career in the stunt business.

David St. Pierre

I used to purchase the

I used to purchase the Stunt Contact when I was starting out 26 years ago.

Eve Miller

A great leader!

Dana was a strong leader with unparalleled knowledge in the stunt industry.

Junior Stunts